August 2, 2019–Fever

Well, Bo spiked a fever today. Luckily, his care team had been keeping a close eye since it seemed inevitable, and they moved into action.

Blood cultures were drawn to check for a bacterial infection and they started him on 2 antibiotics–one to treat bacterial and one to treat fungal. They are also rechecking his CMV levels to see if the fevers and hives (which reappeared today on his legs) could be connected.

Luckily, once he spikes they can give Tylenol to keep him comfortable. His hives are also responding well to Benadryl too, which is a good sign.

Please continue to pray for Bo’s little body that God would keep him safe from infections and He would give him peace and strength. He’s feeling pretty sad about everything today, which is to be expected.

We will update again soon ❤️

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