March 8, 2021

Hello friends!

Today, Bo had his first routine clinic appointment of the year. As you might remember, we were able to transition to every 3 month appointments back in September. It’s been an incredible blessing for our family to be have less frequent appointments.

Bo’s doctor said that his counts looked great today! His platelets are still hanging out under 200, but she believes that’s just how he’ll be from here on out—it’s his new normal. I’ve been concerned about his platelets but hearing her say that she isn’t is helping me to trust and let go of that worry. There’s a lot of little things that come up where my instinct is to call his oncologist, but I’m learning more and more that Bo’s general care is now his pediatrician’s responsibility, not his oncologist’s. It’s so hard to make that switch in my mind—he was fragile for so long and now he’s basically a normal kid. It’s been hard to wrap my mind around that fact, but it’s a wonderful truth.

Life continues to feel busy for our little family. Lance and I are both balancing working from home, homeschooling Naomi, potty training/ keeping tabs on Bo (he’s a wild man), and balancing different appointments we have throughout the week. We are eager for spring to come in hope that we can finally be outside more when we have some warmer temperatures and sun! It’s felt like a long winter being cooped up!

One very exciting development we have to share is that Bo was granted a wish by Make A Wish! We weren’t sure if he’d be able to qualify because of his age and the timing of when he finished treatment, but he did! We are SO EXCITED for him! We are currently in process and so far it’s been very fun. I definitely underestimated what they were capable of and the whole process has surprised me at every turn. We are so grateful that Make A Wish exists! All of that to say, it’s going to be VERY cute! I can’t wait to share more soon!

Thank you for being our family’s faithful supporters and prayer partners. We thank God for you! Until next time ❤️

Naomi loves kindergarten
Bo is such a joyful boy
Excited for Valentine’s Day
Decorating their boxes for Valentine’s Day
Best buddies
We got so much ice last month!
Height check at clinic today
He was such a brave boy for his blood draw—he got a dinosaur as his prize!

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6 thoughts on “March 8, 2021

  1. Happy words! Thanks for update! Such a little man … oh, to see how God will use him! Hugs, you guys.

  2. Wonderful news about Bo. So enjoy the attached pictures as well. Praying for you all. The updates and strength and courage I see in Lance and Chloe are a real source of encouragement. I am sure your faith has and will continue to be a shining light to many who know you and also to those you are yet to meet.

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