August 13, 2020–Surgery Update

I am so happy to share that surgery today went so well. All of our prayers were answered and we are so incredibly grateful. Today is a day we will never forget. It feels like a new chapter is officially starting. We have several significant days now that we will remember annually, but this is a really exciting one!

We, along with Bo’s anesthesiologist, decided to give him a dose of something to calm him before they took him back. He’s developed some separation anxiety in the last few months and the last thing we wanted was for him to feel sad or afraid leaving us. The med worked really fast and he was giggly and smiley when we handed him off to his nurse. It made us laugh and feel better knowing he wasn’t upset.

The surgery started right on time and I received text updates from the nurse. The surgeon had mentioned prior that if she met any resistance removing his line she would need to make an incision in his neck to make sure the line came out in one piece and with no damage. I was prepared for that, but PRAISE GOD it came out smoothly with no complications. It was so quick, I got a text one minute that the procedure was starting and not even 15 minutes later that it was over and he was heading to recovery. Relief washed over us. The nurse sent another message about 15 minutes after that that Bo was still asleep and was doing great. About 5 minutes later a nurse came and got me and we walked back to the PACU where he was recovering and was starting to wake. He heard my voice and immediately reached for me. He was groggy but wanted to be held. I sat with him in a rocking chair while he woke.

We only spent about 10 minutes in the PACU before they transferred us back to our Day Surgery room where Lance was waiting. Bo took a bit to fully come out of his grogginess, but we had a donut waiting and he was thrilled. We were there a total of 4 hours and Bo walked himself right out of that hospital and to the car. Another testimony to God’s mercy.

The surgeon surprised us by asking if we wanted to keep his line! I didn’t realize that was possible, but we said “yes”! I think it’ll be really neat to show Bo one day as we share about this chapter in his life.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and encouragement and excitement for today. We felt your prayers and witnessed God answering them. What a day!

To God Be The Glory!

Naomi sent her special blanket with him this morning to keep him company
Waiting to be taken back
On his way back with his nurse
Waving Bye Bye
Post-op waking up
No guys!
He was curious!
On our way home!

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6 thoughts on “August 13, 2020–Surgery Update

  1. Oh my gosh what great news and so very thankful for Bo’s life and testimony! I so saw his grandpa in one of the pictures! Wow! What a handsome little guy! God’s love and strength to your whole family! You have really been through it! God is faithful no matter what our circumstances. God IS WITH US!

    All our love and continued prayers for your entire Family! Pat and Kandi O’Brien, Maui Ohana

  2. I am trying to not become completely overwhelmed with tears of amazing joy! This is such a journey of Gods stunning mercy and grace. Words are inadequate. I am in awe of His continuous mercy! Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us!

  3. What a blessing.
    An answer to prayer.
    It is a joy to see the progress that Bo is making.
    It would be good if you could share a short video of Bo and Naomi some time in the future.
    Be blessed.
    Alan & Shirley

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