October 31, 2019– Day +42

Bo’s CMV results came back today and it is still undetected!!!!!! We were told that they will discuss stopping the CMV med tomorrow morning at rounds. I am so excited!!! One encouraging thing in regards to his graft and counts is that today we saw a huge bump in his ANC despite being on the CMV med which can suppress it. It reminded me that God is so much bigger than a medicine and that He alone is sustaining Bo’s marrow.

Another encouraging thing from today is that Bo has done AMAZING being off of dialysis. Not only was his overall weight down this morning from yesterday (he was 11.51kg yesterday morning and was 11.45kg this morning), but he has had exponentially more wet diapers today than he’s had since his kidneys and liver went down a month ago. We heard that depending on how he’s doing tomorrow morning, they may see if they can skip tomorrow as well. I will admit that I was surprised by how well he did today without dialysis. I was inwardly planning for them to need to come this afternoon, and instead, our guy just continues to surprise us in the best ways.

A prayer request from today is for Bo’s blood pressure and potassium. As his kidneys recover, it leaves his body a bit out of whack in some areas. Since his kidneys regulate his blood pressure and they are just starting to work again, they are producing surges of hormones which are making his blood pressures high. Our team is watching it closely and have ordered a med to help regulate his pressures while his kidneys are in this transition period. Please pray that it does what it needs to do and that Bo remains safe in the process. Another factor they are watching closely are Bo’s electrolytes, namely his potassium levels. Potassium effects heart function and while the kidneys are still recovering and Bo isn’t on dialysis, his body needs a bit more support in regulating these things. His potassium dropped pretty low today so they have had to give him potassium twice already and it seems that we are going to be chasing his levels a bit while we are letting his kidneys show us what they can do on their own apart from the support of dialysis. Eventually his blood pressure and electrolytes will balance out, but for now we are in a “take off” period and it’s a bit bumpy. Hoping we reach a smooth cruising altitude soon! Prayers for Bo’s blood pressure and potassium are needed as we wait for his kidneys to fully recover.

Although Bo wasn’t able to participate in the unit’s trick or treating parade today, we thought it was important for him to at least get dressed up. One of the child life volunteers dropped off a Ninja Turtle costume for him and he actually loved wearing it! Naomi was able to participate in her preschool’s harvest day and was Lightning McQueen! It was a fun day all around!

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7 thoughts on “October 31, 2019– Day +42

  1. Praise God!! Tears of joy as we rejoice you and your healing power on Baby Bo. We continue to pray for you Baby Bo that you grow stronger with each passing day. We pray for your potassium levels & blood pressure and know that God has you cute little precious ninja turtle( warrior).
    Your friends in Christ,
    Craig & Dorinda Alberthal

  2. What cute photos of your family!! Praise God for more answered prayers! Will continue to pray for Bo – may his spirit continue to rise in joy as God heals his body and brings balance in so many areas. It just amazes me how intricate our bodies are made and how we take so much for granted! Bless you as you keep your faith and lean on the Lord for each day.

  3. Oh Lord
    Thank you for your glorious touching and healing for Bo as he is your child oh Lord! Also thank you for picking his parents to be his earthly benefactors as they have Faith in you and and this is rewarded as only you can do. Thank you for the strength that you have Blessed his Family with.

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