September 21, 2020


We had a great appointment today! Bo’s ECHO on his heart came back looking great and his other counts are looking great as well!

Since Bo won’t wear a mask, we use a rain cover on the stroller to navigate hospital visits
Ready for his ECHO. He did so great staying still!

Bo’s first blood draw went so smoothly—thank you for praying! He wasn’t thrilled, but recovered quickly!

We got 2 pieces of really good news today! First, Bo has 142 platelets! We could hardly believe it (Bo’s doctor was both surprised and excited too)! This is the highest his platelets have been since August of last year. We are praising God for every since last one of those platelets.

He got to pick out a toy after his poke for his blood draw. He did AWESOME!

The second piece of great news we got was that Bo’s next appointment isn’t until mid-December. It’s hard to even wrap my mind around what it will be like to go 3 months between appointments. We are praising God for his faithfulness tonight!

Checking his height
Snack time waiting for his doctor

We have been given the green light to return to our original hospital where Bo was diagnosed and received his first 3 rounds of treatment. Although we never expected it, we are considering staying at the hospital where he received his transplant. We’ve been there a year now, which is longer than we were at our original hospital. Bo is familiar with the hospital, clinic, and most importantly, his team. We see the value of his transplant doctor keeping tabs on him over the next several years, primarily because she is familiar with the complications he experienced from transplant (liver, kidneys, platelets, etc). We are praying for wisdom as to what to do. There is no rush to make a decision, thankfully. We love our team at our first hospital deeply and have no doubt that Bo would receive excellent care if we were to go back, it more so has to do with his previous complications and his doctor’s familiarity with him over this last year. If you think about it, would you pray that God would grant us wisdom as we make this decision?

Thank you for the love you showed us in celebrating our boy and his big one year transplant birthday!

To God Be The Glory!

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  1. In the midst of praising God for innumerable answers to prayers, I am praying that God give the two of you wisdom to make the right decisions as you move forward with Bo’s future medical care.

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