May 15, 2019

We went to the hospital this morning again to be readmitted to start round 2 of chemo for Bo, but after a blood test were sent home because his Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) is still too low to begin treatment. Our care team is not worried because we are only 5 days past the predicted start for the second cycle. They are comfortable waiting as long as 14-21 days while waiting for his ANCs to rebound before they are concerned.

All of his other blood counts looked good, which was encouraging. They explained that his bone marrow hasn’t fully “woken up” yet from the stress of the first round of chemo and is not yet returned to producing cells normally. Our doctors don’t want to stress Bo’s marrow further by putting him through another round too soon. We will head back next Wednesday for another blood draw and are hoping his ANCs are high enough to be admitted and proceed with chemo again at that time.

Today we were able to speak with our oncologist at greater length about transplant since we have had time to process since speaking with her on Friday. She shared more about how she arrived at her conclusion and also shared about the multiple other specialists she consulted who unanimously agreed that a bone marrow transplant is indeed the best course of treatment for Bo.

The most encouraging news we received today was that the preliminary results came back from the bone marrow registry and there should be NO problem finding him the perfect match. We have begun praying for whoever Bo’s donor will be and would be so encouraged to know you’re praying for them too! They can choose to remain anonymous, however our hope is that we can meet them, thank them, and someday share about the hope that we have in Christ.

Although transplant is serious, we are grateful it is an option. We are approaching it with eyes wide open, trusting in God’s sovereignty, and praying for His complete protection on Bo’s body as he undergoes preparation treatments to receive the transplant. We will share more about what that will look like as the time draws nearer, but for now, we are not worrying about tomorrow. Today we are grateful for a clear path forward, encouraging results for a donor match, and being able to have another week at home together.

Thank you for your continued love, care, and support for our family. We are humbled and so grateful. We have a very long list of thank you cards that we are overjoyed to be able to write, and we hope to start on those soon. Until then, please know that we thank God for each of you and how he’s used you to bless, provide for, and carry our family. Thank you for walking with us on this journey.

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3 thoughts on “May 15, 2019

  1. Aloha dearest Julie, we continue to lift precious bundle up to the Lord for complete mending and healing. Since we will be in Oregon for my brothers funeral, we are hoping to get to see you, even for five minutes. We also want to contribute $100 towards meals. Love joe n gail

    1. Dearest Julie, we continue to lift precious ball up to the Lord for complete mending and healing. We hope to see you while in Oregon in June for my brothers funeral. We want to send $100 for meals. We love you, God bless you all. Love ? Joe and Gail

  2. Thanks for the updates! Know we continue to pray for each of you and are thankful you are getting clarity on the best ways to proceed. Thank you, Lord!

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