May 9, 2019

Friends, we are overjoyed to share that we have received Bo’s bone marrow and spinal tap results from Monday and they are both NEGATIVE. This was not what his care team expected to see as these results are not typical for only having had one cycle of chemo (as you may recall he had had some unusual and concerning results a few weeks back). But this is exactly what we have hoped and prayed expectantly for! PRAISE GOD!

We are heading back to the hospital tomorrow morning for Bo to undergo surgery to place a central line in his chest to be used for all future chemo treatments. They will also be doing one more spinal tap to confirm Monday’s results, and we are praying expectantly that it will be negative again! After surgery, they will admit us to begin his next round of chemo and we will be staying until early June.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for carrying us this far with your prayers and support. We are overwhelmed with hope and feeling refreshed as we head back to begin this second round.

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