October 11, 2019– Day +22

So much happened yesterday. I wish I had been able to update the website before now, but things have been busy. As I mentioned yesterday, Bo had continued to bleed from the new central line site. He bled through the dressing they put on in surgery, bled through the new dressing they put on that […]

October 10, 2019– Day +21

Thank you for your prayers yesterday for Bo’s surgery. The surgery itself sounds like it went smoothly. Unfortunately, Bo is still bleeding from the site where the line is placed. His platelets (cells in our blood which help it to clot) fluctuate daily, so he’s been getting more transfusions to keep his numbers up. We […]

October 9, 2019– Day +20

Thank you for all of your words of encouragement yesterday. I woke this morning with a renewed sense of hope. Today is surgery day. I’m not exactly sure why it was pushed out a day—I heard first that they didn’t have room in the schedule yesterday, but also heard that the kidney team wanted to […]

October 8, 2019– Day +19

It has been a hard few days. I’m feeling exhausted and discouraged. Bo’s fever is back. It’s been about 14 hours, but thankfully it’s not as high as it was before and is responding better to Tylenol. They took some new blood cultures this morning and we are praying they are negative for a bacterial […]

October 4, 2019– Day +15

Unfortunately, Bo is still spiking fevers this morning. Through the night he got as high as 103. Luckily he is able to have Tylenol, so that keeps him somewhat comfortable. He is most comfortable when he is being held, and we are more than happy to oblige! Bo hasn’t been able to produce the urine […]

October 3, 2019– Fever

Prayer Request: Bo came off of dialysis at 3pm today. His doctors want to see if his kidneys are ready and able to do their job without the assistance of dialysis. They’re giving him some diuretics to help things along, but I believe they’ll reevaluate in the morning if he’ll go back on or stay […]

October 3, 2019– Day +14

We had another quiet day and night, praise the Lord! Our team has been anticipating needing to change the filter on Bo’s dialysis machine for close to 36 hours now. With the clots being filtered out due to his liver blockage as well as the platelets he’s constantly getting, the pressure in the filter keeps […]

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