October 13, 2019– Day +24, Platelet Update

We have platelets! One adult unit arrived to our hospital around 1:30am and they were able to split it into 4 smaller packs for Bo. Their plan is to stretch the 4 packs out throughout the day and transfuse them more slowly so his body is able to retain them longer.

We are so grateful they were able to locate platelets quickly, however these are only enough to get us through today. Our prayer is that blood drives happening this week across the country will bring in more! God has faithfully supplied our daily bread, and we are trusting there will be more tomorrow.

Many of you asked about directed donation. We don’t yet know how that works, but we have asked. Bo is receiving A- platelets but the main factor is that they need to come from a donor who is also CMV negative.

(*Update: Our team just learned from The Red Cross that directed platelet donations are not possible.)

Thank you for your prayers that have been so clearly answered. Will you continue to pray for the platelets we are going to need this week and in the weeks to come? I am also praying that Bo’s marrow begins producing them on its own. Platelets are one of the last things to recover after transplant, so I’m not sure where we are at on that timeline, but God can do anything!

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