October 3, 2019– Fever

Prayer Request:

Bo came off of dialysis at 3pm today. His doctors want to see if his kidneys are ready and able to do their job without the assistance of dialysis. They’re giving him some diuretics to help things along, but I believe they’ll reevaluate in the morning if he’ll go back on or stay off.

Bo was whimpering and agitated most of the day, and unfortunately, what we thought was pain was actually a fever. He spiked to 102 within half an hour of being taken off of dialysis. The chilling of his blood going through the dialysis machine masked the fever. His vitals were telling a different story than the thermometer was telling. His heart rate and respiratory rates have been high all day, which points to a fever. But the thermometer gave normal readings. After coming off of dialysis, things started to add up.

They have taken blood cultures to check for a bacterial infection and now we wait for results. They may start him on an antibiotic anyway, but we’re not sure yet.

Fevers can mean a lot of different things at this point. Obviously they can mean infection. But they can also be a sign of engrafting. We are praying it means he’s engrafting and that God brings him relief and comfort tonight. He’s been feeling pretty yucky today. Prayers are needed.

I will update again in the morning ❤️

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3 thoughts on “October 3, 2019– Fever

  1. I have just landed in Grand Rapids Michigan after leaving the volunteer program in Maui. Will continue to pray. Kay Agal

  2. Father God thank you for your continual watchfulness over Bo. We acknowledge that you have the power to be all healing and humbly ask that you continue to lay your hands upon Bo and bring this healing to fruition. Oh Go our Father we thank you for hearing our prayers and we trust in you.

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