October 11, 2019– Day +22

So much happened yesterday. I wish I had been able to update the website before now, but things have been busy.

As I mentioned yesterday, Bo had continued to bleed from the new central line site. He bled through the dressing they put on in surgery, bled through the new dressing they put on that night, and yesterday morning the dressing was needing to be changed once again. They weren’t exactly sure where the blood was coming from, but needed him calm and still enough to clean the area to figure out exactly what was going on. Unfortunately, Bo had been very upset and was screaming and thrashing around. Every time he screamed, his blood pressure would go up and he’d bleed more. It was a cycle. They were finally able to sedate him enough and change the dressing and find the source of the bleeding. We are so grateful for the people God had on his team yesterday. They were the perfect combination of skill sets and experience and they took such good care of our boy. So far we haven’t seen any excess bleeding from the site, and we are so relieved.

Another area our team is watching closely is Bo’s mental state. For ICU patients, they watch closely for signs of delirium. Being in the ICU, they monitor you so closely, you are being touched and examined so often (in Bo’s case, every 15 minutes). He is not getting good, solid, healing rest, his days and nights are so confused, and with all of the different sedation and pain medicines, he sleeps a lot or feels groggy and upset. Intervention looks like a medication to calm the nerves in his brain. His body is going through A LOT and we want to support him in his healing, but we don’t want medicate just to medicate. Our main struggle right now is him crying for 20-30 minutes at a time, unable to be soothed. It’s so hard for him, but also for us. Please pray for wisdom as we navigate this sensitive area.

We have a wonderful praise to report! Bo’s CMV levels have decreased by half! The anti-viral med he’s been on since Sunday is working! His fevers are gone and he is much more comfortable. We are praising God for this mercy! It looks like we may not need those super cells after all!

Overall, Bo’s liver and kidney functions are moving in the right direction—slowly but surely. He has been on and off dialysis twice since Wednesday. Once for the surgery and once when the filter clogged yesterday. Unfortunately, he didn’t pee at all when he was off which means his kidneys aren’t ready to start working again, but his team said they don’t really expect that yet. It’s still reassuring to hear that we are on the path to healing.

Thank you for all of the ways you continue to carry us. So many of you have brought meals, come to visit, sat with Bo so we could shower, take a walk, eat, or nap. We feel so much love from your prayers and texts checking in and reminding us that you are with us. We are overwhelmed by your love ❤️

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5 thoughts on “October 11, 2019– Day +22

  1. Oh how we pray for Bo – that the Lord would soothe his sweet spirit and relieve him from pain. That God would give him a miracle of a sound sleep so his body can heal……And how we pray for you and Lance for God to sustain you and give an extra measure of strength and hope. That you will be able to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. May He minister into your spirit as you lean on Him????❤️❤️❤️
    Praying too for Naomi and Julie and Randy??????❤️❤️❤️
    We look forward to your updates so we know just how to pray and encourage?
    Love to hear how you both got to have a date with you beautiful little girl!! Love and blessings…..

  2. Kelsey and I are doing Light the Night tonite starting at OMSI. We will be including Bo in our mission. Sending courage, strength and love to all of you. I’ve had you so on my mind that prayers have been pretty constant!
    I’m planning on Monday. Would you like to take some time to go to lunch (my treat) or would you like me to bring lunch? Shoot me a text Monday morning when you know the status of the day?

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