April 13, 2020– Day +207

Just wanted to give an update for those of you who prayed for us today! Clinic went well. The hospital is a ghost town—night and day different from the bustling lobby, elevators, and hallways we once knew. We were the first appointment of the day and no one had been in the clinic since Friday […]

April 8, 2020– Day +202

Friends, This past Sunday was the 1 year anniversary of Bo’s diagnosis. In some ways it feels like it’s been 10 years, in other ways it feels like it was yesterday. The week leading up to it felt heavy, especially with all the suffering and heartache going on in our world. I cried off and […]

March 14, 2020– Day +177

Friends, We hope you are all well and have what you need to stay well in the coming weeks. For us, this feels a lot like business as usual as we have been practicing self-quarantining and social distancing since Bo was diagnosed last April. It hasn’t been easy and we understand firsthand how different life […]

February 8, 2020, Day +142

It’s been quiet around here lately, which has been wonderful. We have been home 2 months now and it has flown by. I didn’t realize how much stress I had been holding prior to Bo’s finally bone marrow biopsy results. I had had so much trouble settling back into life at home. I was having […]

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