February 8, 2020, Day +142

It’s been quiet around here lately, which has been wonderful.

We have been home 2 months now and it has flown by. I didn’t realize how much stress I had been holding prior to Bo’s finally bone marrow biopsy results. I had had so much trouble settling back into life at home. I was having a hard time unpacking, nesting, and re-acclimating to normal life. I was exhausted and rundown. Not sleeping well, just surviving. Once we got the final results, something just clicked and I came home and started settling. I think after 10 months of hospital living, I was having a hard time truly believing we weren’t going back again. Since getting the results, we’ve all been sleeping better, resting better, and our home is finally becoming more organized and less cluttered. It feels SO GOOD.

Sadly, this past week our entire family came down with a terribly nasty virus. Lance and Naomi seem to be doing better, but Bo and I are still struggling. I was the only one to get a fever, but Bo is at high risk for developing pneumonia. I took him into clinic yesterday so they could get eyes on him and so far he’s doing OK. Lung sounds are clear despite having a bad cough and so far no fever or other pneumonia symptoms have developed.

While at clinic yesterday, they ran his normal labs and it showed that his immune system is kicking into gear. It’s still very new and weak, but it’s doing what it needs to do. Prior to this virus, his ANC was lingering around 900-1,100, and yesterday it was 2,700. It has detected a virus and it’s learning how to fight it! Our bodies are amazing!

Prayer requests:

  • For protection from any complications from this virus for Bo and that he would recover quickly
  • For continued recovery for Lance, myself, and Naomi
It has been so precious to watch Bo and Naomi deepen their bond. They are best friends!
Bo eats allllllll day long
Sweetest smile
I love that you can see his fluffy little hair in this picture! We have been calling it his baby penguin hair.
Naomi is the sweetest, funniest girl we know!
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4 thoughts on “February 8, 2020, Day +142

  1. What Wonderful News!!!!!
    Yes, our bodies are amazing…
    And, our God is a great God!!!

    A a bad virus can be a good thing…
    It’s showing that Bo:s immune system is working ?
    Praying for each and everyone of you everyday ??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️

  2. The fact that Bo’s immune system is working is such an answer to prayer! New blood. New cells. New immune system. That in itself is mind-blowing … apart from God.

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