January 16, 2020– Day +119, Biopsy Done!

Just wanted to give a short update!

We are home from biopsy and Bo did great. Unfortunately we won’t have the biopsy results or the results from the test on Monday (percentage of donor blood) until NEXT Thursday. Feels like an eternity to wait, but we are trusting.

We were also encouraged today to see that some of his counts were up a bit from Monday! One was the same, but the other two that seemed to be trending downward came up a bit! An answer to prayer! Bo’s doctor was happy to see that too.

We are so grateful for your prayers. We have been feeling peace this week and are trusting that it will continue. We would be so grateful for your continued prayers this next week as we await the results.

Love to you all ❤️

Done with the biopsy and waiting for him to wake
Eating some nuggets on the way home! Fasting for sedation is so hard, but eating after is the best!
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4 thoughts on “January 16, 2020– Day +119, Biopsy Done!

  1. Thank you for the updates. We continue to pray over your precious boy and ask Gods favor over your beautiful baby Bo.
    Your friends in Christ,
    Dorinda & Craig Alberthal

  2. Praise God for the good report on Bo! So good to hear that God is giving you peace…… We will continue to pray for complete healing in Bo’s body! Appreciate your updates!

  3. Know that we continue to pray for Bo, his family and grandparents. “LORD, we look to you. Strengthen this sweet family. We ask for healing, and the encouragement only You can give.”
    Betsy and Kay Agal

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