April 13, 2020– Day +207

Just wanted to give an update for those of you who prayed for us today!

Clinic went well. The hospital is a ghost town—night and day different from the bustling lobby, elevators, and hallways we once knew. We were the first appointment of the day and no one had been in the clinic since Friday afternoon, so things felt calm and clean.

Bo’s labs looked good as far as the normal ones we get quick results for. His platelets are still holding on at lower levels, but we’re continuing to be patient and letting his marrow take its time. The best news of the day—Bo’s doctor said that we can skip next month’s appointment and come back in June. I couldn’t believe it. Obviously these aren’t normal circumstances and normally we’d be going in monthly, but I feel God’s care for us in extraordinary ways and I’m thrilled to have 2 months until our next appointment.

They drew blood for his chimerism test today—please continue to pray for all donor blood (the results will actually say “no host detected”). I was reminded this past Easter Sunday that our blood is 100% Christ’s, no host detected. Praying the same is true for Bo in his physical body now, and one day for his heart to come to know Christ truly!

Thank you for your prayers, texts, and messages of your love and support. Not one goes unread and encourages us more than we can express. I will update again once we receive the chimerism results!

The kids next to their Easter painting
Bo on a run
Matching dinosaur shirts
The first time Bo had ever been outside on our patio. He LOVED playing in the water!
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5 thoughts on “April 13, 2020– Day +207

  1. Oh thank you for the pictures of both children! What good little friends they seem to be! Thank you for continuing to keep us informed. And what tremendous help and encouragement God has prepared you to be in the lives of others. You (and your family) are a blessing!
    ~Love Terry DePartee
    Southern Calif

  2. Dear friends, such a wonderful praise report and priceless photos. Continue to pray for his blood levels and protection for all. Love MARLA and Dickie

  3. Such joy! I love seeing the kids playing! That’s what they should be doing! Your hearts must be soaring! Mine is for you! I pray that the good news keeps coming! I so look forward to seeing them again.Oh and their parents!!

  4. Bo looks so healthy and happy! God is so good! Hi Naomi! I have the same shoes as Bo, I have always called them my preschool sneakers.

  5. Praise God Bo’s test results were good! We keep praying for you and the family. These are unusual times for all but especially critical for those with compromises in their immune systems. God will continue to protect and bless your family!

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