April 14, 2019

We were told this morning that Bo’s blood work today showed NO blasts! This doesn’t mean there’s no longer any cancer in his body, but this is exactly what we want to see and we are so encouraged and praising God!

Last night and today have been hard despite that wonderful news. Bo has been having a hard time sleeping the last 2 nights. I think when he’s so happy and active during the day, it’s easy to forget what his little body is going through. It seems as though it comes out at night. He has been very lethargic today and his BP has been a bit low too. They put him back on some IV fluids to help and we will re-evaluate tomorrow.

I know these harder days will come, but the anticipation doesn’t make them any easier when they do. Please be praying for continued peace, especially when it feels hard and would be easy to throw up our hands in frustration. We are continuing to see God’s greater purposes which encourage us when it feels like too much.

Please be praying for Bo’s discomfort and that it would subside and he would be able to get good rest. For his appetite to return fully, and for his little body to recover well after this first round of chemo treatments are done (tomorrow)! We love you all so much.

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