April 13, 2019

After Bo’s spinal tap in the morning, we had a quiet day in our room.

We met 2 other Oncologists who are part of the team here at our hospital. They are absolutely wonderful. They all rotate through, and although we still belong to his primary doctor, we will see all of the others regularly as well.

Bo’s ANC levels hit 0 yesterday. This means that he essentially has no immune system. We are lockdown in our room keeping him safe and happy 🙂

He finally lost the extra 2.5lbs of water he had been retaining since they kept him on constant IV fluids since we were admitted. They did their job and he is finally looking like his normal self again.

His white blood cell count is at 14,900 this morning. He is almost within the normal value and we can tell he’s feeling so much better. Although we have a long road ahead of us, seeing him acting like his happy self is so encouraging!

Our prayers for today are for no infections! His bottom is especially tender right now and we are treating it with lots of cream, but we can tell it’s hurting him and if it bleeds, puts him at risk for infection. He has also developed a rash all over his body from one of the chemo meds, and he seems to be wanting to itch it, so we ask for prayer for relief from all discomfort. Lance and I have continued to feel a deep peace and our constant prayer is for that to continue. My parents arrived last night and Naomi was able to sleep in her own bed. She woke up so excited and happy morning. Although she received the most amazing care from one of our dearest friends this week, seeing her back at home and finding her own “new normal” makes our hearts so happy.

We are so grateful for each of you as you continue to lift our precious Bo and family up in prayer. Someday soon we hope to have the opportunity to thank each one of you personally, and we can’t wait for Bo to be able to understand how many people love him and interceded on his behalf

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