April 15, 2019

Bo had a pretty good day today. Still some nausea and vomiting, but his energy is coming back and we had some good smiles 🙂

We received the results of his spinal tap from Friday, and it was CLEAR! If the results from tomorrow’s and Friday’s are both clear, we can stop doing twice weekly spinal taps. Praying for clear results once again! Bo’s spinal tap will be tomorrow at 9:30am.

His ANC levels were again at 0 today which is to be expected. They’ve explained to us that we will see them fluctuate, so we are just riding it out and keeping him as safe as possible. His white count dropped further to 4K as well.

I wanted to share a story of something that happened yesterday. Bo has to have the dressing around his picc line changed weekly, and they have done it on Tuesdays or Fridays when he’s put under for his spinal taps. Sadly, they needed to do a dressing change yesterday because it was pulling up and we had to do in without anesthesia. I was worried, as you can imagine, because I knew he would hate being held down while they did it. It takes 20-30 minutes and the environment needs to be sterile. Lance, myself, and 2 IV nurses suited up and laid Bo down on the bed. Lance held his legs down, one nurse held his picc arm, and I rubbed his head and prayed. Without any struggle whatsoever, Bo fell asleep almost immediately, as if under sedation, and stayed asleep for the entire procedure. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. God was with Bo in such a sweet way yesterday, and it was so encouraging to see what compassion and mercy He showed us. I hope you are as encouraged as we are!

What we thought would be Bo’s final dose of chemo today was actually his second to last dose. His final dose will be at 3am tomorrow! 

Thank you everyone for you continued prayers. God hears!

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