September 13, 2019– Prayer Request UPDATE

Hi All,

Thank you so much for praying and for your encouraging messages.

The TPA worked exactly like it should have and Bo is back to having a normal, functioning line. PRAISE GOD!

Apparently what happened was that Bo’s body started to view his central line as foreign and essentially plugged it. It’s not something they expect to happen frequently, but it does happen. We noticed it when the nurse was flushing the line and I saw a bubble appear through the line (kind of like when a hose is blocked and it stars to expand in one place). It was alarming! The TPA acted like Draino and broke down the plug. They used a syringe to put it in very slowly, let it sit for several hours, and pulled it back out using another syringe. It has been working beautifully ever since.

The IV nurse made a comment that the TPA went in much easier than she expected, which is such an answer to prayer! Their plan was to try doing TPA twice, and they didn’t need to!

Thank you again for praying our family through that ordeal. It wasn’t fun, but was a chance to see God work, and for that, I’m thankful ❤️

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