April 11, 2019

Bo’s ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count)—a type of white blood cell that fights against infection—is 370 today, which classified him at severe risk of infection (yesterday’s count was 1750). This is, however, the intended effect of the chemo and it will continue to decline all the way to zero and likely remain there through next Monday when we complete this first round of chemo. Unfortunately, this also means that we will need to limit visitors until his body has a chance to recover as he is so vulnerable right now.

Bo has been detached from his IV fluids running 24/7 and is enjoying his newfound freedom. This is the first time he has been uninhibited since arriving on Friday, and we are loving being able to carry him around the room! He’s enjoying it too 🙂 He also ate some apple sauce last night which is the first time in weeks he’s showed signs of an appetite. We are praising God! 

Overall, he is doing so good. He’s his cheerful self most of the time despite chemo making him feel like junk. He is so resilient. His team is continually encouraged with his progress as are we. He is a favorite among the nursing staff and his past nurses stop in regularly even when they’re not assigned to our family 🙂 

Our prayers for today are mainly for protection for his body from infection as we are entering the phase of little to no immune system. Thank you for standing with us and interceding on our behalf. We love you!

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