January 13, 2020– Day +116, PRAYER NEEDED

Friends, we need your prayers.

Bo is scheduled to have his final bone marrow biopsy this coming Thursday, the 16th at 11am PST. We are anxious for the results of this test as Bo has had some lower than normal counts lately.

Today at his clinic appointment his doctor decided to take some blood to do another type of test looking at the donor’s blood vs. the original blood in his body. The last time they did this test was on October 18th and it came back 100% donor (the results of the test actually say “No Host Detected”) which is exactly what we want to see.

Because of Bo’s lower than normal counts, the concern is relapse. Such a hard and scary word to type. By doing the above test and doing a bone marrow biopsy, they will be able to determine the likely cause of his lower counts. Is it just his marrow being a little sluggish and we just need to be patient or did some of the old leukemic cells survive and are coming back?

If I’m honest, these last few days have been a BATTLE. When I look at Bo, he looks like he’s perfectly healthy and thriving. PTSD is very real after the year we’ve had and I am feeling the effects. It’s scary how easy it is the spiral into deep anxiety at the sign of anything atypical.

We can’t mentally go too far down the relapse road because first, it’s not reality, and second, it’s too overwhelming. We are still in the early stages of recovering from this past year. Still very much running on empty and in survival mode. Coming out of such a long and tumultuous stay and hitting the ground running with normal life has been taxing. Nothing slows down and we are trying our best to keep up.

Will you pray with us and for us?

  • For Bo’s blood test and bone marrow biopsy to both be clear and still 100% donor
  • For his marrow to produce only healthy cells and for his counts to increase
  • For Lance and I as we navigate this next week—for peace to abound, for us to be protected from anxiety and worry, for us to be united, and for us to continue to press forward despite the mental and physical exhaustion
  • For Naomi to recover from her cough and sinus congestion

We believe that God has a plan for Boaz’ life. We believe that God has healed him and can sustain that healing. And we know that He is trustworthy and good no matter what. There are lots of unknowns and it’s really hard to linger in this space, but we are trusting and we humbly ask that you carry us on your faith while we wait as see what God will do ❤️

Bo is OBSESSED with applesauce pouches
He is also loving homemade fruit and veggie popsicles
Lance took the kids out this weekend to give me a break. Since we can’t take Bo into public, they went on a long walk at a park and then did a movie in the car. He made it super cozy and the kids loved it!
Bo has been enjoying playing peek-a-boo lately!
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14 thoughts on “January 13, 2020– Day +116, PRAYER NEEDED

  1. Chloe, I will be praying for Bo’s blood tests to be 100% donor on Thursday, and it’s just that his blood tests results recently are because of being “sluggish”??
    I will as strongly pray for YOU, Lance and Naomi to be carried by the Lord in every detail moment by moment??
    I will be continuing to pray daily for each and every one of your precious family… ??
    My love,

  2. Yes! I will pray for your family. That Bo would continue to heal, and have only donor cells. So encouraging to see him eating and enjoying his food….and to be free of the feeding tube!
    Will pray for strength and peace for you, that would seem impossible, but His strength is made perfect in our weakness. I will hold up your arms and voice that is crying out to God, with my prayers for you.

    1. My continued prayers for Bo’s healing and continuing donor cells!! He’s in good hands with our Lord’s healing power. Much love and prayers to your sweet family.

  3. We thank you Father God for all your healing in baby Bo’s life for you are so good. We come to you Father God to ask your loving mercy on baby Bo continual healing from the cells in his body to the bone marrow to restoring his energy. We pray for healing over Naomi, please Father God she needs your healing touch. For Lance and Chole wash over them Jesus with your unending peace?

  4. I am praying that the tests on Thursday will go well, that there will be no relapse and that his counts will start to improve. He looks like such a happy boy and it’s wonderful to see him enjoying And tolerating his foods. I am praying for Naomi’s speedy recovery and for God to surround you all with his peace and his love.

  5. Fervently praying for all you’ve asked, and for a flood of His Presence and Peace to cover you all. Your family is so precious and beautiful and we love you. Our God is mighty to save. ??✝️

  6. We are committed to prayer. From our heart of hearts. Expecting good reports from our faithful Lord God and creator. May the peace of God reign. His love conquers all.
    But without faith it is impossible to please him, for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
    Hebrews 11:6

  7. Praying for you and Lance. May God give you peace “beyond your own understanding”!!
    Psalm 139:10. “Your hand shall lead me and your right hand shall hold me”. May you sense His presence and rest in the knowledge that He is holding you during this time.
    Love the pictures of your sweet family!!

  8. Father, we know that you are in control of every detail of Boaz’s health. As we all anxiously await the results of the biopsy and lab tests, we are leaning, trusting in your care and faithfulness. Continue to sustain Lance and Chloe with your great comfort and peace. Supply physical and emotional energy when it seems impossible. Continue to use them as lights in your Kingdom, even in the midst of this trial. You are our Almighty, Awesome God! You are mighty to save! We rejoice in knowing that your tender, loving arms are wrapped securely around this precious family.

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