January 2, 2020– Day +105

We have a prayer request today!

I received a call from Bo’s transplant doctor a bit ago and she is concerned about his higher than normal liver enzymes. After his VOD (the liver issue that sent us to the PICU), his liver looked like it was recovering and the inflammation was going down. His most recent labs today are showing his liver enzymes trending upwards again and showing signs of being inflamed.

The good news—Bo doesn’t have any other symptoms that would make them concerned enough to readmit us for observation or take any immediate, drastic measures.

The plan is for Bo to have an ultrasound on his liver on Monday after our clinic appointment. Our doctor has also ordered for him to go back on a liver medication starting tomorrow.

If I’m honest, this news has been triggering for me emotionally. After all we’ve walked through, it’s really hard not to be afraid. But we serve a BIG God who loves us and loves our precious Bo and who has already carried us through so much. He is with us and we can trust Him. Of that I am sure.

Prayer request:

  • For Bo’s liver to heal and for any inflammation to go down
  • For protection over Bo’s kidneys and whole body
  • For peace and trust for our hearts

Love to you all. Thank you for being faithful partners in prayer ❤️ I will update as we know more.

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7 thoughts on “January 2, 2020– Day +105

  1. We thank you Father God for all you have done to take care of baby Bo thus far. As we praise you we also ask Heavenly Father to heal his liver to remove all inflammation from every inch of Baby Bo’s body. I pray for Chloe and Lance that you wash over them with your Holy Spirit a sense of your peace as they wait for healing over Baby Bo liver. Please Jesus hear our prayers over Baby Bo for your are Our God of mercy and Love. ?
    Dorinda & Craig Alberthal

  2. Hi you all. We of course will pray specifically for these requests. Will alert our bible study leaders to pray along as well. I am grateful that none of this catches our mighty God off guard. He knows the beginning from the end and is the sweet Guardian of our souls. Praise God for being the only true God, whom we can cling to. Blessings to all of you. May you feel His comfort and peace. ?

  3. Thanks, Chloe, for the update. We continue to pray, trusting our Heavenly Father for Bo’s complete healing.

  4. Thank you LORD that this family finds refuge under your wings. We ask for liver healing and protection for Bo’s body. We look to You.

  5. We are holding Bo as well as you and Lance up in prayer. May you sense His strength and love for you as you wait…… Praying God’s healing hand on sweet little Bo’s body. What a handsome little guy he is and thank you for continuing to include us all on your journey of healing! Hugs!

  6. Praying for all you’ve requested.. thank you for making your specific needs known.. love to all of you, Maureen

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