December 13, 2019– Day+85

I am happy to report that week 2 at home felt much smoother than week 1. We are starting to figure out our routines and feeling more confident in our ability to care for Bo outside of the hospital.

A HUGE praise to report—Bo has started eating food!!!!! I was feeling discouraged wondering if he’d ever eat again and this week on Wednesday, all of the sudden, he began eating normal foods. Granted, nothing is technically healthy, but we will get there. The goal is to get him off formula and it’s happening! Some favorites lately have been pancakes, French toast, turkey breakfast sausage, cheddar cheese, goldfish, French fries, Dino chicken nuggets, and black olives. We are limited in what we can offer him as he’s on a low bacteria diet through Day +100, so I’m hoping to add in fruits (especially berries) and leafy greens once we are able to feed him without restrictions. For now, we’re just happy he’s eating anything!

Both of his clinic visits went well this week. His counts are looking good and very normal for where he’s at in his recovery. We have a final bone marrow biopsy scheduled for January 16th to look for any residual disease. They are hoping/expecting to see no residual disease as his last several biopsies have shown. That will continue to confirm that he is in remission.

Bo has an ultrasound scheduled for this coming Monday to look for any residual leukemic deposits. Early on in his diagnosis, they did ultrasounds and MRIs to look for leukemia in certain areas of the body that the leukemic cells like to “hide”. They only found them in 2 areas, so they’re checking one of those spots to confirm that there isn’t anything residual disease there either.

This morning Naomi woke up with a barky cough—we immediately suspected croup. She has no other symptoms and the cough resolved within an hour. She seems completely fine now, but now we’re on high alert. This is our first illness scare with Bo home, so we are doing our best to keep some space between them, but it’s tough! They love each other!

Prayer requests for this week:

  • That Bo continues to eat and starts gaining weight soon
  • For his ultrasound on Monday to go smoothly and for the scan to show no areas of concern
  • For protection from illness for Bo and for Naomi to fight off whatever might be coming on
  • For continued endurance for Lance and I

Love to you all ❤️

Bo eating and offering to share!
This play time felt so normal, I couldn’t help but take a picture. These were the days I wasn’t sure we’d ever have again. And Praise the Lord—we’re here!
Naomi had her preschool Christmas program last night and I can assure you it was ADORABLE!
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5 thoughts on “December 13, 2019– Day+85

  1. Mele Kalikimaka Chloe, Lance, Naomi and Brave Bo….
    Not sure why I respond when I do, and not other times, but, it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t think and pray for Bo and the family each and every day!
    I am beyond thrilled, in awe, and thankful that your Bo is home to spend the amazing and glorious Christmas time at home.
    Prayers are heartfelt for me in every prayer need Bo and each of you may have…
    ‘Nurturing’ Naomi is precious in her Christmas performance photo…
    Chloe…You are ‘courageous’ in all that you Do!!!!
    Lance….I’m sure is the most ‘loveable’ Dad!
    And, last, but, not least is….
    ‘BRAVE BO’….
    Happy Holidays…?

  2. We always look forward to reading your updates. What excites me most is Bo’s gut health. ? I continue to pray for normal… little by little it’s returning. Prayers and hugs!

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