October 12, 2019– Day +23, URGENT Prayer Request

We just learned that Bo needs platelets, however there are no platelets that match him in the entire state.

We also learned that there is a platelet shortage nationwide.

They are working on finding some and possibly flying them in, but we aren’t sure how quickly that can happen.

Will you be praying that they can locate platelets QUICKLY and that God preserves the platelets Bo has in his body now? Will you also pray that Bo does not have any additional bleeding?

With Bo’s transplant, it adds another level of complexity as his blood type is in transition from his original type to the donor’s type (he’s going from A+ to A-). There are also additional factors the blood bank looks at when matching Bo for platelets including antibody screenings.

Thank you for praying and I will update when we know more.

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15 thoughts on “October 12, 2019– Day +23, URGENT Prayer Request

    1. Our thoughts and prayers are being lifted up for Lil Boaz. Praying for God to provide the donations and matches needed to continue in Boaz treatment.
      Love and strength for the entire Ohana.

  1. Earnestly praying for Bo. In my prayers, heart, and mind laying hands on Bo and anointing him with oil
    in the name of Jesus that he will be healed.

  2. Really appreciate the updates?.. praying for all of the current urgent needs.. holding you all up to The Almighty ??
    Close, I know you don’t know me..remember me.. I worked with your mom away long ago.. love you all ?

  3. Each day we read your entry and we assure you that each day we are praying for Bo’s needs and for your family; we are beginning to feel like we know you and you are part of our family. It’s too bad we are Canadian as our oldest daughter is an A- and being a nurse would understand even more of Bo’s issues than we do.
    Would you relate to Julie and Randy also that we uphold them in our prayers daily as well? Thanking God that platelets arrived and hopefully more are coming for when he needs them and that his own little body will start making platelets of his own. God hears and answers our prayers. We will continue to hammer on Heaven’s doors interceding for little Bo and his healing and COMPLETE recovery! And may you get some rest tonight!

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