September 15, 2019– Weekend Update (Day -4)

Hi All!

It’s been a quiet weekend around here and Bo is doing really well. Today was day -4 and the second day of the new chemo med. So far, his diaper output is exactly what they want to see and his numbers are all looking good.

His appetite has definitely started to decrease, so the conversations are starting as to when we will consider a feeding tube or alternative nutrition method (such as TPN). Bo has yet to vomit, which we’re grateful for, but the mouth sores are coming soon. If we decide to do the feeding tube, it needs to be before the onset of the sores, but not too early if he’s still at risk for vomiting as he could vomit up the tube. It’ll be a delicate balance with timing, so we are praying for wisdom for ourselves and our care team.

For now I’ll leave you with the sweetest picture I just took as Bo was winding down for bed tonight. That SMILE is so many answered prayers ❤️

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