July 22, 2019–Overdue Update!


It’s been a week since we were admitted. Bo celebrated his 1st birthday on Wedneday, and what a celebration it was! His nurses and care team went all out and decorated our room while we slept. Bo was showered with love from those both near and far. Thank you to those of you who reached out to wish our boy a Happy Birthday! We are so grateful for his life and how God has sustained it this year! He is such a gift to us!

Bo finished up the 3rd round of chemo early Saturday morning. It went so smoothly and it has been hard to tell that his body is undergoing something so big. We have his nausea under control and so far have had no fevers or any other complications. The most challenging part of my days has been keeping him busy and his IV tubing from getting stepped on and tangled. He is climbing on everything he can! He’s a wild man! It’s wonderful to see!

On Saturday afternoon Lance shaved his head for cancer! A wonderful organization called St. Baldrick’s hosts a shave event every summer called “Rock The Bald” to conquer childhood cancer. It was quite an event to be a part of. Lance had to privilege of kicking off the event by sharing a bit of our story and Bo was able to be there too! We were so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful event and even more grateful for the work St. Baldrick’s does to fund cancer research. It is because of the past investment of others in cancer research that Bo is able to get the treatment he is receiving. We couldn’t be more thankful!

I wanted to share some big praises we have seen this week in answer to your faithful prayers:

Bo did so well during chemo and as the recovery phase has begun, we are encouraged by the energy and joy we are seeing in him! Please continue to pray for no fevers or infections!

The virus they treated is now undetectable! The virus itself is something that Bo will always have in his system (similar to chicken pox), but in a healthy person, their immune system keeps it in check. Unlike chicken pox, this virus just looks like a common cold (many of us probably have it in our systems too and it would never cause a problem). Unfortunately for him, it could be serious come transplant time since his immune system will be non-existent, so continued prayers for the virus to be suppressed are important,

We had a phone call with the transplant coordinator at the other hospital and things are moving along well on their end. Out of the top 4 donors, they are moving forward with one of them to start scheduling for donation and even further testing. Our tentative check in date for transplant is scheduled for late August, although that could change. Please continue to keep our transplant team and donor in your prayers!

Lastly, Naomi is doing better. Thank you for your prayers for her. Lance has been able to spend more time at home and she has settled in to her new normal with my parents. Continued prayers for her are appreciated!

Naomi decorated his high chair
He loved the Happy Birthday song!

St. Baldrick’s shave event
Naomi was very unsure about Lance’s hair cut

Bo liked it!

Our little wild man! He’s a climber!
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