June 25, 2017– We’re HOME!

We are finally home! We were discharged on Sunday afternoon and have been enjoying being home together. After 33 days in the hospital, we will never take being home for granted. We have dove into finding our new normal yet again, and it has surprised us how quickly we have settled back in.

Watching Bo crawl around the house and explore like a normal 11 month old boy is just the sweetest. Naomi started swimming lessons this week and we have enjoyed watching her have a fun activity to look forward to!

We head back to the hospital on Thursday morning for Bo’s bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture and to potentially be admitted to begin round 3. Our care team doesn’t foresee his counts being high enough to admit us, however they are hoping his counts are recovered enough to at least do the procedures and send us home for another few days—that is our hope as well!

We found out that Bo tested positive for a virus. It’s not active in his system and the “load” that he has is small, however he is positive for it and if he is still positive come transplant time, that could cause some problems. Our doctors have told us that while Bo’s ANCs are higher, his body can fight the virus on its own and their hope is that his next test is negative. Will you be praying that this virus disappears and is not present the next time they test for it? Will you also be praying for health for all of us while at home as well as clear results from his bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture this Thursday?

We’ll sign off with a few pictures of our time at home so far!

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