April 17, 2019

We are praising God for a better day today! Although last night was tough, Bo has only vomited once today. His energy is rebounding, and we had some fun play time today. He is still battling a fever, but other than that, his nausea seems to be under control today, and for that we are so grateful.  Today was so much different than yesterday, and we are praising God for the life He is giving our boy!

Thank you for your prayers over Bo and our family last night and today (and every day since this journey began). The texts we received and messages through gofundme encouraged our hearts and we continue to read back through them. Your words of encouragement and bold prayers mean more to our hearts than we can adequately express. Tonight our prayers continue for no fevers or infections, for his nausea to subside, and his energy and appetite to come back. We love you all and cherish your continued prayers

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