April 10, 2019

Bo slept so well last night. Which means we did too! Praise God!

He’s been such a happy boy today which is such an encouragement to see him happy and acting like a baby again. The Child Life Specialist came by and brought some toys and he lit up!

We received the results from Bo’s spinal tap yesterday and there were leukemia blasts present, about as many as there were in the first test on Saturday. His Dr. (we call her Kelsie or Dr. Storm) said that’s actually normal and not to be alarmed. He will be having the scheduled spinal tap on Friday and they will also be injecting chemo into his spinal fluid as well just to make sure that area is receiving concentrated amounts.

Bo is completing 2 of the 3 chemo meds today. The third med he will continue to received 2x per day for the next 5 days (to complete the 10 day cycle of chemo). After that, we will stay in the hospital under quarantine for several weeks while his immune system recovers. We will hopefully be home for a week before we start cycle 2 of 5.

We want everyone to know how your prayers are sustaining and carrying us. We were talking this morning that we are without a doubt experiencing the peace that surpasses understanding. Under the circumstances, we can truly say that we are not only not afraid of the future, but also experiencing joy and gratitude that only comes from knowing that we belong to God. Your prayers are precious.

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