June 25, 2020

Friends, we are so so happy to share that Bo’s biopsy results came back CLEAR!

It’s been a long 10 days since his clinic appointment. I’ll admit, I haven’t waited as well as I would have hoped. It’s been agony. Hard to eat, sleep, my thoughts getting away from me. I wrestle with anxiety and these last 10 days have been a battle. But God has been merciful and faithful.

We received his chimerism results earlier in the week which was a mercy—they came back 100% donor which is exactly what we want to see and gave us hope while we waited for his biopsy results.

Another huge answer to prayer is that the biopsy gave Bo’s doctor a clear picture of what is happening with his platelets. His marrow revealed that it is producing platelets normally (yay!) which in turn reveals that the platelets aren’t surviving in his bloodstream. His doctor believes they are being destroyed which can happen—either his organs that filter blood target them and destroy them or his immune system targets them and destroys them. For now, since they have a clear picture of what’s going on, she is content to watch and wait as this can correct itself in time. Otherwise, they can treat with steroids if need be. We are so grateful that God has given us clear answers!

We cannot thank you enough for your faithful prayers for Bo and our family. We felt held up and carried once again. This journey has been long and hard and we are so grateful that we aren’t walking it alone. Thank you again.

To God Be The Glory!

Our precious miracle boy ❤️
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9 thoughts on “June 25, 2020

  1. WOW… That is the best possible news…..Praising our faithful God again and all the prayers because they’re so powerful!
    Amene….. SLEEP WELL 😴

  2. Praise our Amazing God. Such great news, our hearts rejoice with yours.
    Your RiverWest Family,
    Craig & Dorinda Alberthal

  3. We are rejoicing with you!!! What an amazing Heavenly Father we have!! Val and I will continue to pray for the platelet situation.

  4. He certainly is a miracle child! He has survived medical procedures and conditions we don’t even understand. Only God knows the purpose of all of this.
    He has such a beautiful smile!
    We rejoice and praise God with you that his test results were good and now we pray that his platelet situation will also turn around.

  5. Please God!! I thank God I Dr and over for a huge answer to prayer. Ive called Bo a Miracle ever since he got sick. God is awesome, he watches over his children.

  6. God is so so faithful. Boaz is a happy, resilient & blessed little fellow – God is so good. My husband and I volunteer at Haggai & have house & Pokey sat for your mom & dad when they travel to see you & your precious Naomi & Boaz. Love them so much. May God’s love protection and mercy be your constant companion.

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