October 25, 2019– Day +36


It’s been quiet around here this week, which is a good thing. We’ve needed some quiet days after our time in the PICU.

Bo’s liver and kidneys continue to slowly improve. We don’t have any gauge on how long it will be before he is fully recovered, but any improvement is progress and we are hopeful!

I was hoping to have more CMV results to share today, but we haven’t received the latest test results yet. Our team was very happy with the results from Monday’s test and were eager to see the results from yesterday. I will report back when we know more!

Our sweet guy is continuing to show us more of himself day by day. We are getting more and more smiles and chuckles. He is becoming increasingly playful and cuddly. He is even challenging himself to crawl and pull himself up on things! He gets frustrated when he can’t do something that used to be second nature (like pulling himself up to stand), but he has determination and he tries and tries until he’s able. He doesn’t give up! I love to see his strength come out (the name Boaz means strength from within). He amazes me every day.

Bo’s bone marrow biopsy went well on Wednesday. Unfortunately, we won’t have results until next week. Our deep desire and prayer is that there is no trace of leukemia left. I would by lying if I said I didn’t fear the results, but I can’t let myself linger there. God has brought our boy through so much this year and his faithfulness demands our trust.

It’s hard to put into words the tension I feel when I consider the fact that Bo is done with chemo. On one hand, I am SO GLAD it’s over. On the other hand, it was easier to go about my days knowing we were actively fighting this cancer. But now we’re no longer actively fighting. We just move forward and watch and wait and most importantly, trust. I’ve heard that finishing treatment is second hardest only to diagnosis. It’s a strange world to live in, knowing you’ve come up against something to big and awful and now you’re on the other side. I don’t quite know how to exist in this new reality yet, but I know we’ll figure it out day by day.

We hope to have a quiet weekend around here! We will update with CMV and bone marrow biopsy results when we get them, but until then, we ask for prayers for continued healing for Bo’s liver and kidneys and for Bo’s new marrow to thrive and make all of the wonderful, strong cancer killing cells it can! We love each and every one of you. Thank you for continuing with us on this journey ❤️

Trying to stand!
Finding his tongue again!
Out on a walk in the unit! He likes to be cozy in his sleep sack 🙂
Post bone marrow biopsy in his hospital gown
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3 thoughts on “October 25, 2019– Day +36

  1. Bo has turned a corner! Remember when his pics were like this going in to treatment?! In between then and now, he’s been so quiet. Now he’s coming back! He is so strong and so loved! Breathe Chloe! You too Lance! God has a plan for this little man❤️
    I am so very grateful for his improvements! Continuing to pray?
    With love, Julie

  2. How wonderful to hear how Bo is slowly improving! Love all the photos – looks like he is growing. What a fighter he is! Thank you Lord for continuing to give Bo the strength he needs for each day.
    We are praying with you for good results from the bone marrow biopsy.
    Appreciate your transparency and will remember to pray as you go through all these various stages. Thank you for your update!!

  3. So good to hear that Bo continues to move forward. Thankful that you all have been able to bear the process and that things are currently “quiet”. You all need some rest, even if it feels weird!! So many praying for you, your beautiful boy, your docs and medical staff, and those test scores. May God be near and giving peace and comfort ❤️
    Much love

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