September 29, 2019– Day +10

We finally made it to Day +10. It feels good to be in the double digits.

Bo barely gained any fluid over the last 24 hours which is good news. He didn’t lose any, but he didn’t gain more. Small victory!

We saw in his daily labs that there is something starting to happen in his marrow. This doesn’t mean that engraftment is happening quite yet (it’s still a little early), but it is a small glimmer of hope in this dark valley. His Total White Cell count has been at <0.1 (what they call “less than 100”), which is unquantifiable. Today it was at 0.16 (160). That’s something! It could be back at <0.1 tomorrow, and could fluctuate for a while, but it shows us that something is happening in his marrow and it’s hope of things to come. We’ve needed some hope to hold onto, and this is it.

The doctors have decided to step up the medicines to try to get the fluid off and they’re going to do a slow, continuous drip instead of giving it every 6 hours as they have been. We learned we will be able to do this in our room instead of the ICU, and we are so grateful. If this doesn’t give the desired result, we will head to the ICU for dialysis.

The pain med Bo is on through his pain pump is making him incredibly itchy. They have started him on a medicine to counteract the itchiness, but it isn’t providing him with much relief. He has rubbed his face so much it’s nearly raw in some places. We can move him to a different medicine, so we may explore that today.

This morning we finally started seeing sores in Bo’s mouth. There’s been indication for several days that they were lower in his digestive tract, but today they have finally reached his mouth.

Our prayer requests remain the same:

For the fluid to move off of his tummy, into his vessels, and out of his body

For his pain and discomfort to be managed

For engraftment to happen soon

Thank you for continuing to pray us through this incredibly hard time. We feel so much comfort knowing we aren’t alone. We are confident that God is hearing and answering even though we aren’t always able to see exactly how He’s working. He is always good.

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4 thoughts on “September 29, 2019– Day +10

  1. Praying for you all. Lifting up Sweet Bo and all that is going on in his precious body to Our Father, who knows every single detail. Praying for healing and comfort and continued peace in His Presence. We love you.

  2. Linda the first 18 days had some sores In her mouth part of the transplant grafting yes i believe it’s starting God Bless Bo, Rob and Linda Maui

  3. Wow so many things happening at once. It sounds like there are lots of hopeful steps but of course lots of concerns. You all are surrounded by the prayers of the many people who love you and carried by the One who loves you most of all.

  4. May Bo’s Total White Cell Count bear fruit 30, 60 and 100 fold! We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ Who lives and reigns together with the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen.

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