August 18, 2019– Donor Update

Hi All,

Not too much to share today, but I know many of you were praying for Bo on Friday for all of his procedures. All in all, everything went smoothly. Bo was in quite a bit of pain when he woke up from anesthesia and that was really tough, but he’s such a trooper and by Saturday, he was back to his wild self. We don’t have any results on any of the tests that were done, but will update when we do.

Our time away last week was incredible. We didn’t realize how much we needed a getaway until we actually got there. We took long walks, Lance and Naomi took a kayak down the river, and Bo took some long naps. We did a lot of nothing, some eating, some sleeping, and we came back feeling so refreshed. We didn’t take many pictures while we were away, sadly, but we will remember our trip forever.

Tomorrow we have another meeting at the new hospital with Bo’s transplant doctor. Please pray for peace as we continue to learn more about what these next few months hold for our sweet Bo.


We found out on Friday that our transplant team has requested a second donor begin the more in-depth testing that our first donor has been going through.

Things with the first donor are still moving along, but the process has slowed with their testing and it isn’t quite clear to us if it is because something was found and they aren’t certain if they are a good match anymore, or if results on their testing are just taking longer than our time line can accommodate. Transplant is set for September 5th, but could be delayed up to 2 weeks without causing concern, however our team doesn’t want to do that if they don’t need to.

Will you be praying for our donors–both the first and now the second–for health and peace for both of them and for whatever might be happening to become clear? Also please be praying for whoever it is making the decisions, that they would have wisdom as to which donor is right for our Bo.

From our grateful hearts, thank you ❤️

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