October 18, 2019– Day +29

Well, we are still in the PICU, but not because Bo needs to be here! The oncology floor is completely full and has been for several days. We were told the soonest they might have room for him is tomorrow. Our hearts are ready for the next phase of Bo’s recovery, but we are grateful for the slow transition out of the PICU. God’s timing is indeed perfect!

Bo has continued to improve and work hard with PT. I’m still surprised by how much strength he has lost, but I’m also encouraged by the strides he’s made just this week. He’s determined to get back to where he was!

Things with Bo’s liver and kidneys are continuing to slowly improve. His kidney team is talking about moving him to every other day dialysis, which is amazing!

Lastly, the CMV super cells are arrived today and he will be getting them at 1pm. We were told they’re in a syringe and the infusion will only take 2 minutes. Please continue to pray that these cells take care of Bo’s CMV until his immune system can tackle it and for the safety and preservation of his bone marrow graft in the process.

I’m hoping our next update will be written from our room on the oncology floor! ❤️

First wagon ride around the unit!
Working on strengthening his legs during PT!
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4 thoughts on “October 18, 2019– Day +29

  1. What a sweet little boy…..and so much character at his young age! We pray for the super cells to take effect quickly.
    So good to hear how he is improving in so many ways! Praying too that God will continue to be your source of strength and joy! Thanks again for the pictures of Bo❤️

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