June 5, 2019

Hello friends!

Sorry it’s been quiet around here after we asked you all to pray. Bo is doing well today. The fevers have continued to come and go, however they aren’t spiking as high as they were and he hasn’t needed Tylenol since last night! He is his sweet, energetic self today and we are so grateful.

The blood cultures are still negative which is good news. That means that the fevers aren’t caused by a bacterial infection. His doctors have said that sometimes kids will get fevers like these for several days and in the end, they may never know what actually caused them. We are wondering if that is the case for us. Either way, your continued prayers are appreciated.

HUGE PRAISE: We learned today that Bo’s transplant doctor is leaning toward NO cranial radiation prior to transplant! This is exactly what we have been praying for and I cried when our case manager shared the news. Bo may still undergo some full body radiation which is normal preparation for a transplant, however the cranial radiation is what we were most concerned about since it includes some more serious, lifelong side effects. Should Bo end up needing it, we know God will carry him through it, but we are so grateful it’s looking as though he may not. His doctor will make her final decision regarding the cranial radiation after she sees his next bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture results once he’s recovered from this round of chemo (in a few weeks).

As always, your prayers keep us going. We tangibly feel renewed peace and strength and are constantly reminded that God hears and He cares. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithfulness in prayer on our behalf.

Lastly, we had some special visitors yesterday! Our good friends from Hawaii, Will and Mo, came and brought their service dog, Sadie, to visit Bo! Although she couldn’t come in because Bo is in isolation, he was so happy to see her through the door! Luckily he will get to visit with some other dogs while at our new hospital for transplant! We are excited!

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