April 22, 2019

It’s been a quiet few days around here, which has been nice. Bo is still stable and responding well to his treatments.

We have seen an increase in his nausea the last few days, and we have concluded that we weaned him off the nausea meds a little too early, so he is back on them for now. Bo has lost weight and his doctors don’t want to see him lose any more, so they started him on some “boosted” fluids that have electrolytes, fats, and protein that goes directly into his picc vs. stomach, so his body will be able to absorb the nutrients even if he continues to vomit.

We received the news today and Bo will indeed need to have a spinal tap tomorrow. His doctor showed us the results and although they are not concerned, they want to make sure they do everything they can to eliminate every last leukemic blast in his spinal and cerebral fluid. We would love your prayers for that final spinal tap at 9:30am.

Any day now we should be receiving results of cytogenic testing on leukemic blasts taken from Bo’s bone marrow our first morning in the hospital. This will tell us the specific AML subtype of Bo’s leukemia and will direct the course of treatment going forward. It could be as simple as staying the course or as complex as pursuing a bone marrow transplant. Please be praying for clear results, wisdom for the doctors, and a clear plan forward.

We are so grateful for everyone who prays and reaches out to us reminding us that you are with us. It continues to overwhelm us in the best way and keeps us going day after day. If these updates are ever overwhelming, please let us know! We are just so grateful and desperate for prayer. Thank you again

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