June 15, 2020

Friends, we need your prayers.

Bo had a clinic appointment today, the first since mid April. I’ve struggled on and off these last 2 months with anxiety—not getting to see his affirming test results at more frequent appointments has been a challenge, but he has been thriving at home. So much energy, a great appetite, and sleeping well!

His test results today showed that his platelet counts have dropped significantly. As many of you can recall, his platelets have historically been low since transplant. They’ve fought to recover. A normal person has anywhere between 200k-300k platelets and Bo has struggled to get above 90k since transplant. It has been very slow going and there has been some fluctuation, but his platelets counts have slowly and steadily increased. But today, his platelets were at 30k. Quite a drop from what we’ve been seeing. The good news is that all of his other counts looked really good! Even an improvement from his appointment in April!

Because the platelet drop is puzzling, his doctor ordered a chimerism test as well as a bone marrow biopsy for this week. Both will take about a week to get the results. From our understanding, there could be a few explanations for the platelet drop however his doctor needs to rule out the biggest and most concerning reason first—relapse. Typically with relapse, all of his counts should drop or look off, not just the platelets. I am trying my best to remind myself that everything else looks great, including his physical energy!

I’m struggling today. Will you be praying for our family this week? First, that peace and joy would rule in our home and our hearts. Second, that we would feel God’s presence and nearness in the face of uncertainty. Third, that we would be reminded that He is our refuge and that we need not fear. Fourth—for GOOD AND CLEAR RESULTS for Bo’s tests (biopsy is Thursday at 1pm PST)! Lastly, that whatever is going on with his platelets would become clear and that God would give his doctor wisdom in how best to help.

We have had a great 2 months at home between appointments. Been keeping busy outdoors when the weather permits and also have been able to get out on walks at parks since some are starting to reopen! These are hard times we are all living in and we think of you all often. We are so grateful for the prayers you pray for us in the midst of your own struggles. We will update when we know more!

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6 thoughts on “June 15, 2020

  1. Your Riverwest Family is joining you in prayer🙏. Lord, overwhelm their hearts and minds and ith your amazing peace!

  2. Thank you for the update.. praying for all that you requested..it is helpful to know the specifics..but God knows all this, so will again lay it at His feet ..

  3. I can only imagine the anxiety during this pandemic. God has been good so far. May He continue to grant you perseverance during this long haul. And may the healing touch of Jesus be with Bo and may He grant you a peace that surpasses all human understanding.

  4. Aloha Chloe and Ohana…..
    I want to assure you I will be praying for all your prayer needs daily, as I have been praying for Bo and all of the family since this health crisis started over a year ago. I will pray for all of the requests that you gave and especially for both test results on Thursday to see show no relapse, but help the Dr. to get clear why Bo’s platelets are dropping when all his other blood counts look good……
    I love your beautiful family, and pray for you to continue to lean on the Lord as you have all this time…
    In God’s Faithful Love…

  5. Thanks for sending the update. We can see your pain and worry in how you tell the story. We also see how you respond by asking for prayers. We will be praying for Bo and all of you.

    May God bless you and keep all of you safe in the palm of His hands,

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