July 11, 2019–The Results Are IN!


We are overjoyed to share that Bo’s results for both his bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture are CLEAR! We are praising God! This is huge news as it confirms his transplant doctor’s decision to forego ALL radiation prior to transplant simply because he doesn’t need it! The miracle of how well his body has responded to treatment leaves us in awe every day.

We head to the hospital tomorrow morning again to see if his counts are high enough to begin his 3rd round of chemo. Lance and I both feel like we might actually be admitted this time around and are feeling prepared.

Although Bo’s birthday isn’t until next Wednesday, Lance, Naomi, and I celebrated it tonight just the 4 of us. A highlight for him was the messy cake smash! We took the time to share our favorite things about Bo and what we’re looking forward to doing with him in this upcoming year. We are hopeful and expectant that God will use his life for great things and can’t wait to see His plan unfold.

Thank you for loving our boy and praying expectantly with us!

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3 thoughts on “July 11, 2019–The Results Are IN!

  1. Thanks for all of your posts! We’re praying for your sweet family from Santa Barbara. Happy 1st Birthday, Bo! ?
    Love, Kim and Dave oxoxo

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