September 19, 2019– Transplant Day, Part 1

We just learned that the cells have arrived and are being prepared for Bo. So many emotions, but mainly gratitude and excitement.

Our donor is a 19 year old from Germany and we are thinking about him today and the amazing sacrifice he made for our boy. Thanking God for him ??❤️

Bo is scheduled to receive the cells at 11am PST today. Please be praying for these specific things:

-For no reactions while he is receiving the cells

-For his blood pressure to remain stable throughout transfusion

-For doctors and nurses to have wisdom in any situation that may arise

-That God would bless these cells and that they may only ever bring life and health to Boaz’ body

We are walking in peace and confidence this morning. God has assembled an army all over the world holding our family and Bo up on your faith through your prayers. Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient, but thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️

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One thought on “September 19, 2019– Transplant Day, Part 1

  1. Just know how the volunteers here at Haggai are holding everyone involved to the Lord….!!!
    May you sense Gods presence as you stay under the shelter of His wings????

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