September 30, 2019– Day +11, URGENT PRAYER REQUEST

We need big, bold prayers for Bo today. We need to see his body begin to process the fluid accumulation in his body immediately. The fluid remaining in his body is serious for his breathing and other organs like his liver and kidneys. Doctors need to see some results this morning in urine output to show that he is moving in the right direction. Escalation if not would mean turning to dialysis which has much more complexity and potential complications given his already weakened state in the transplant process. He would need surgery this morning to have a second central line placed in his chest for dialysis, which puts him at risk for bleeding and infection. There’s other complications as well, especially to his liver and kidneys at this point.

Bo is not sleeping or resting soundly since his tummy is so big. He’s taking small, quick breaths and just can’t seem to fall into a deep sleep. We are all very tired.

We will update again once we speak with his team this morning.

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7 thoughts on “September 30, 2019– Day +11, URGENT PRAYER REQUEST

  1. Chloe and Lance – we are praying for Bo here at Haggai……for God to touch him and for comfort and strength for you…..hugs…????

  2. From Peter and Dorothy in Uganda
    We join you to thank God for God’s healing power flowing through Bo! Thank you Jehovah Jireh for your miracle working power that restores that heals that resurrects the dead. We receive the healing miracle for your precious child.

  3. Prayin for Bo. May our all able God in His mercy bring healing and wholesome. Praying for the family that they would experience Gods grae, peace and strength at this time

  4. Our family is keeping Bo and your family in our prayers– Oh that the Lord would show His healing grace on little Bo!

  5. Praying for your precious Bo and for strength and encouragement for the rest of the family as well. God is faithful and loves Bo so much.

  6. 284 prayer posts amongst the people I minister to in Malaysia will still be praying for Bo. We are excited to hear what God had done thus far. May the Lord bring to completion what He has done – healing Bo’s body systems to fight cancer

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