July 28, 2019– Day 13

We’ve been in the hospital for 13 days now. This round is feeling like it’s passing slower than the others, mostly because it’s been so smooth with no procedures or complications– no complaints here!

Bo is doing so well. He is officially off all medications and fluids. His doctor even extended his vital checks from every 4 hours to every 6, which gives us a longer stretch at night without interruptions!

We are always looking out for fevers or infections that could still come, but we are so grateful for the way God has protected and upheld Bo’s body thus far. It’s truly incredible to see his energy and joy!

For reasons no one can figure out, Bo still hasn’t lost the rest of his hair, and the hair he did lose during the first round has started to grow back. He lost his eye lashes, but those have started growing back as well. Bo is a miracle in every way!

We learned that the virus he was treated for was actually undetectable when we were admitted which means his body took care of it! They still treated it with medication because the test to detect it took several days to come back, but it was so encouraging to hear that our prayers for that virus to be gone were answered! They will continue to check the virus levels and if it starts to resurface at any time, they will treat it again to keep it suppressed. But we are praying it won’t be necessary!

Your continued messages and texts encourage us and remind us we are never alone or forgotten on this journey. We are so grateful for each one of you! Please be praying for another quiet and smooth week around here 🙂

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One thought on “July 28, 2019– Day 13

  1. Our dear Chloe,
    What wonderful news!!! God is so faithful and answers our prayers!! Val and I are praying for Bo and all of you each and every day. We are so very thankful for this latest update and will continue to pray for complete healing!!
    With our love,
    Val and Larry Hundeby

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