July 16, 2019–Admitted!

Bo was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning to begin round 3 of chemo! Normally his doctors want to see his counts recover to 1,000, however because Bo tested positive for that virus a month ago, they were concerned that the virus was keeping his counts from rising and didn’t want to wait to start chemo because they risk the leukemia returning in the meantime. So, we pressed forward even though his counts were only at 500 and not only started chemo, but also started a medicine to treat the virus as well!

Bo has been doing awesome so far. He’ll get 2 different chemo meds over the course of 5 days. The first med he’ll get is once a day in the afternoon, and the second med is twice a day, every 12 hours. He’s getting a med to treat the virus that’s 4 times a day as well as the triad of anti-nausea meds which he gets every 2 hours. Lastly, because of the high dose chemo, he gets eye drops to protect against conjunctivitis which are every 6 hours around the clock. He’s got a full schedule but breezes through like it’s no big deal!

Our special boy is turning ONE tomorrow! We can hardly believe it. We will be celebrating him with just our nurses and Naomi tomorrow since his immune system is compromised, but are dreaming up a HUGE party for next year when he’s through with treatment and transplant and we want to celebrate BIG! Everyone is invited! More details to come 😉

As always, please continue to keep Bo in your prayers. Please pray for:

  • Protection over his little body as these big medicines do their job
  • For the virus to be responsive to the med
  • For continued joy, peace, and energy for Bo
  • Wisdom for our care team as they make decisions for his upcoming transplant
  • For his donor, that they will have peace and health as their donation time approaches
  • For Naomi to have peace as she is having some big feelings about us being back in the hospital
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