April 16, 2019

Today has been hard. Although we are officially done with this first round of chemo, we are seeing how hard this stuff is on his little body. Bo is feeling miserable and it’s been heartbreaking to watch. He is vomiting regularly and battling constant nausea. They have made him more comfortable with some stronger pain meds and he’s been able to find relief through sleep. He received both platelets and blood today. He has also been battling a fever today for which they have started him on an antibiotic while we wait for blood culture results.

We are hopeful that Bo will start to recover from the chemo in a few days, but for now we are sitting in the hard stuff. Will you once again hold us up in prayer? The peace God has given us since the beginning is still present, but watching our boy suffer hurts. Your prayers are heard and felt and we need them tonight. We are so humbled and grateful that you would lift our family up in prayer 

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