April 9, 2019

A huge praise- Monday afternoon, Bo was moved out of ICU and down a floor into the general children’s floor. He has responded well to all his medications and chemo treatments—better than his oncologist even expected—and this move was a day earlier than originally anticipated.

Bo went under anesthesia again on Sunday for a brain MRI and ultrasound to examine some other areas that can be affected by his Leukemia. The results were positive that there were no cancer cell deposits in his brain or around his eye orbits. Preliminary results from Bo’s spinal tap (spinal and brain fluid) on Saturday seemed to indicate no markers of Leukemia, however we received the news yesterday that final testing revealed there are in fact Leukemia blasts present. This does not change his current medications and treatments, however is does mean he will now need to be put under anesthesia for twice weekly lumbar punctures to monitor his levels. This will happen every Tuesday and Friday and continue until he has three consecutive results clear of any Leukemia blasts.


• That Bo fights against any additional infections while his immunity is suppressed

• That his white blood cell count will continue to safely drop to acceptable levels while they kill the leukemia cells, and that his heart, liver and kidneys will be protected from tumor lysis—build up of toxins resulting from the breakdown of the cancer cells • For peace and rest for Lance and Chloe as they navigate this week.

• For Naomi, that God would give her abundant grace to remain adaptable as she too experiences many life changes as a result of Bo’s inpatient treatment—she is being well loved and cared for by close family friends and has been able to come visit the hospital twice already. 

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