May 22, 2019

We have had an uneventful and wonderful week together at home. We came to the hospital this morning to see if Bo’s counts were up enough to be admitted, and they were!

Bo had a lumbar puncture procedure this morning to check for any leukemia cells in his cerebrospinal fluid (results pending), and we started IV chemo this afternoon. Bo is doing great. We can tell he is familiar with the hospital and nurses and we are back in the same room we had before, so the transition has been smooth.

There has been a tangible grace and peace for Lance and I today. I was struggling last night with the weight of beginning treatment again and knowing that we are now preparing for transplant which is a more intense regimen, but today the burden was lifted and we are walking forward in peace. Settling into hospital life has been smooth. We are much more organized this time around and knew exactly what to pack and what to leave.

Naomi is doing great as well. We had been preparing her for this transition for almost 2 weeks and she was excited to see my parents again. We are so grateful for the sacrifices they have made to be here to care for Naomi and our family. We couldn’t do this without them!

Our prayers going forward are that Bo’s body will be protected from all potential side effects of the chemo drugs, that his body will respond well to treatment, and that he will recover quickly. Bo will have 5 days of chemo (concluding Sunday morning) and then we will spend the following 4 weeks waiting for his body to recover. The chemo drugs this second cycle will be higher in intensity than the last with a new med added. Prayers for no fevers or infections are also appreciated!

Thank you for loving our sweet boy and our family as we walk this journey. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that we tangibly feel your prayers. Thank you for your continued faithfulness in prayer and support for our family.

Lastly, thank you to all of you who brought meals while we were home. I couldn’t have predicted how overwhelming it would feel to meal plan, grocery shop, and cook while caring for Bo, settling into life back at home with Naomi, and dealing with the emotional exhaustion of all we have been walking through. Meals made a world of difference, and we are so grateful for each of you who took the time to show your love for our family through food!

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