September 21, 2019– Days +1 and +2

We have had a quiet 2 days since transplant. Things are going well so far and we are grateful. We can tell Bo is starting to feel the effects of the chemo and is showing some signs that the sores have started lower down in his digestive tract.

Will you please continue to pray for his health, comfort, and protection over these coming days and weeks?

I am putting together a post about transplant day that I am excited to share. It was such a big day and we are still processing it all. For now, we want to express our gratitude to you, our support and prayer network, for carrying us and our sweet boy. We felt so much peace and joy that day, and it continues even now. We are humbled and grateful to walk this journey with you.

I took the below picture on transplant day as Bo was celebrating his new second birthday! I caught him mid excited yell. He such a joy!

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