August 23, 2019–Change in Plans!

We received word this morning that our transplant team has decided to push out our admit date to September 9th, and our transplant date to September 19th!

First, this is a GOOD thing. Things with both Donor A and Donor B are moving along, but some recent developments have caused our team to pause and wait for more information.

For donors, there are 2 methods of donation–one is marrow donation where the donor is put under anesthesia and they take marrow from their hip. Definitely a more invasive procedure, but the result is actual marrow. The second method is obtaining peripheral blood stem cells via a donor’s arm as if they were donating blood. They just filter out the stem cells they need from the blood product taken (stem cells are amazing as they can become whatever is needed–in Bo’s case, marrow). Much less invasive. We have learned that one donor has been cleared to donate marrow and the other has been cleared to donate the peripheral stem cells. Our doctor has decided to wait until she can examine both donor’s charts to see the full pictures of their unique test results and decide which donor/donation method would be best for Bo.

In short, it is our understanding that both marrow and peripheral cells come with pros and cons. Peripheral cells tend to start working faster, but also could come with a higher risk of Graft vs. Host Disease (GVHD, we’ll share more about this later). The marrow cells tend to take a little more time to work, but may have fewer GVHD complications.

Please pray for wisdom for Bo’s doctor as she makes this decision. We have seen God work in the most amazing ways so far and trust that he will guide this process from beginning to end. He knows all and He does what is best!

Honestly, I feel relief knowing we have 2 more weeks at home together. I wasn’t feeling ready for what’s ahead (I’m not sure I’ll ever feel ready), but these next 2 weeks are all grace.

We will update as more information becomes clear, but just wanted to share this most recent development with you all!

Thank you for praying ❤️

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3 thoughts on “August 23, 2019–Change in Plans!

  1. I’m praying this waiting time is filled with rest and surprises and everyday sweet family joys to strengthen you for the journey ahead. Praying and anticipating with you. ❤️

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